At home I have, on our PC, the Audacity programme version 2.0.5. - which is an update/

I need the file LAME - now I did have this file for the old version of the programme? However when I tried to use it it said I needed an updated version of said file!

I’ve tried looking online but, apart from sites that looks a bit virusey to me, I can’t find it! Can anyone point me to the correct place?

Many thanks in advance - this is stressing me out a fair bit!

Please don’t post the same topic twice. I deleted your duplicate post.

If you read the Release Notes for 2.0.5 ( ) it says at the top in the yellow box about Windows:

Users upgrading to 2.0.x versions from 1.3.6 or earlier must download the > latest version > of the LAME MP3 encoder.

Did you click the link to to do that?

When you go to the buanzo site you have to click on the text link that says “Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe” then run that installer.

Do not click on any download buttons because they are advertising for other products.