LAME will not install on my Mac (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

Garageband makes my internal fan go NUTS. So I tried Audacity- the fan is much less noisy. But when I tried to save as a mp3 - and tried to install LAME, Mac won’t let it - says it’s from an “unknown developer”. So I allowed the download by changing the security, but it still won’t download! I downloaded directly LAME from the correct site ( - was very careful) but no go! Please help- I can’t afford the newer macs and I sure don’t want to get a PC!

MANY thanks!

I don’t use Mac (or Windows) but I’m guessing it could just be the web browser - if you had a failed download attempt, you may need to clear the browser cache before you can download it properly.

Garageband makes my internal fan go NUTS.

That’s not good news. The fan system goes on full when it loses part or all of the System. Or the machine gets hot, but that’s pretty rare. Does it rev up for takeoff when you launch Garageband or only after a while.

What’s the machine? I’m typing on a 2013 Mac Mini.

Safari? Which browser?

I’m getting all the bells that you’re not telling us something important.

Did you put the new memory in the machine yourself?


Thanks for taking the time to write. I’ve had my Macbook Pro checked out at Apple. I had additional memory installed by Apple. It takes about 2 minutes on Garage Band for the fan to start up - and it gets loud! It goes on with Audacity as well, but not as loudly. This happens rarely only with Photoshop- if I have a lot of projects open. I’m using Safari/Google. I don’t know what else could be missing- but it’s VERY frustrating! And I’m going to have to figure SOMETHING out because I do a lot of audio projects! And Garageband is not an option at this point!


Does that mean that you have downloaded Lame_Library_v3.98.2_for_Audacity_on_OSX.dmg, or that you haven’t downloaded Lame_Library_v3.98.2_for_Audacity_on_OSX.dmg?

I’ve had my Macbook Pro checked out at Apple.

13", 15", 17"?

How exactly? Are you close enough to a Genius Bar to demonstrate the problem in person? How did you word it? If you didn’t include exact steps to reproduce the problem they may never find it, particularly after two minutes. Nobody in servicing is going to wait that long unless it’s part of the symptom.

No, that’s just not normal. I had a PowerBook that did that years ago. They’re a lot better at heat management now.

Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor: CPU, %CPU. GarageBand starts up at 8% or so and then sails along at around 3%. DISK will give you a little graph at the bottom with the reads and writes in different colors. After startup, it should not be flooded with color.

Try this. Shut everything down that you’re not using and restart. Don’t let anything start automatically. After about a minute or so, run GarageBand and just sit and wait. See if it causes fan noises if you do nothing.


Do you have a hard drive or an SSD?

I’m not familiar with some of the things you mentioned Koz. But this is what I found out about my 17" Macbook Pro (with a Time Machine - don’t know what a SSD is) with 4 GB (from early 2011)

When I looked at the activity monitor: Garageband (10.0.2) goes on the fan starts at 10.2%. When playing it goes up to over 20.2-26% The energy impact is at 21.1. to 31 when I’m playing a recording. I’ve shown this to a “Genius” (believe me they are not all that great) and they said it’s normal.
I even have my computer elevated to allow the heat to escape. Garageband wasn’t this bad before the last upgrade - now it’s too noisy to use.

I tried downloading every possible Lame Library - It went through the steps of getting to the point where I put in my password, but shortly after I got the error message. Even after changing the security settings, it wouldn’t install.

We can’t see your machine, so we don’t know what the error message says unless you tell us.

Garageband wasn’t this bad before the last upgrade

To Mavericks? Any way to Time Machine your way back to a better time? Mavericks caused a number of unfortunate problems. Do you have 10.9.4? That was the latest upgrade where they fixed some of the more serious earlier problems. The first Mavericks tried to save battery life by shutting down and starting up rapidly. It turned some sound productions into garbage.

My last two MBPs had Solid State Drives (SSD) instead of spinning metal hard drives. No noise or vibration, insanely fast, immune to mechanical shocks and very little heat. If you feel the bottom of your MBP, about half or more of that running heat is coming from the drive.

They’re expensive in large sizes. The last two were 250GB and the one before that was a 112MB. That’s funny when you consider people putting 1TB spinning drives in their laptops, but I put most shows on external drives, and the SSD characteristics are very desirable.

I’m out of ideas. I’ve never heard anybody else complaining about this and none of my current machines do it.

How big is your drive and how full is it? If you have it appearing on your desktop, Control-Click > Get INFO. If not, Go > Computer > Control-Click your hard drive > Get INFO. Drives have to work very hard when they fill up.

Have you done first level maintenance?

Close all your applications.
Go > Utilities > Disk Utilities: select your hard drive and Verify Disk and then Repair Permissions.
In the odd event that you don’t leave your machine running at 4AM, you might need to do some of the automatic 4AM tasks manually.

Go > Utilities > Terminal

Last login: Sat Aug 9 22:37:35 on console
johnny:~ koz$
sudo periodic daily weekly monthly

You type the blue parts and then press Enter. It will ask you for your password. This is a Systems Level tool.

Obviously, your login information will be a little different from mine.
That may take a while if you’ve never done it. I think it’s the weekly one that piles up. It just vanishes. That’s normal. Wait.

Have you Googled your problem? “Noisy Fan 17” MBP"


What happens if you double-click on the DMG to mount it, then right-click over the PKG, choose “Open”, then click “Open”? That should always work, even if Gatekeeper is set to “App Store only”.

Or download the ZIP of LAME instead.