lame "unavailable"

Hi all, So I have been happily using Audacity for many years. everything was working great until last week. I went to You Tube to record a song and when I clicked on the recording button nothing happened. flat lined…no waves. so I went to my Apps and when I scrolled to Lame it stated “Unavailable” so I deleted it and went to download page and re-loaded Lame. to no avail, same out come. I tried to Zip file it …nothing. I have Att. Support Plus. two different people tried to install Lame, nothing. this is why I’m here fellow Audacity lovers: (HELP) I’m lost without it! Microsoft took over my computer last week and updated many security “Issues”? they had, not me! so I don’t know if that was the cause of not. I viewed each update, to me nothing pertaining to third party Apps. Lame “Unavailable” STILL! Thanks You. Ron

Please tell us your version of Audacity (all three numbers, see the pink panel at the top of the page).

To be clear, LAME is required only for exporting MP3. If you go Edit > Preferences… > Libraries section and you see a number against “MP3 Library Version” then LAME is installed properly. If it is not properly installed, see

If you actually have copyright holders’ permission to record the song on YouTube then you can download the video instead. Use your favourite search engine to find out how.

If you still want to record the song, make sure you are choosing the correct recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. This tutorial will help you do that Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual.


Gale, thank you for your quick response to my Question. I followed your instructions. nothing is working. I downloaded the newest version of Audacity; I had this “New” version already. every time I
try to download lame nothing happens, Audacity doesn’t work. on my Apps page it shows Lame to be in my Apps. but underneath it reads, “Unavailable”. I turned off my firewall but that did not work. thanks. Ron


I have Audacity 2.1.2

Please turn your firewall back on.

If you are looking in the modern Settings app > System > Apps and features, “Unavailable” means merely that the author is unspecified.

As I said, LAME is not required except to export MP3. You can record songs or export WAV without LAME.

Please follow my suggestion to go Edit > Preferences…, click Libraries on the left and tell us what number you see against “MP3 Library Version”. If it says “not found”, follow the instructions at to the letter.

If you still see “not found” please go to Help > Show Log… and save the log. Attach the log thus:
How to attach files to forum posts.

Please be as precise as possible about what the problem is. If you want to record YouTube songs, then please follow this Tutorial You will need to use Device Toolbar to choose the correct devices. If you encounter a problem, please tell us exactly where in that tutorial it goes wrong for you and tell us exactly what happens in Audacity when you try.


Audacity shows in Libraries: MP3 Library Version: LAME 3.99.3

Good, so you can export MP3. If there is still a problem, please tell us as precisely as possible what the problem is.


It reads that it has Lame in Audacity, but reads unavailable in my Apps page…I tested it and it still does not record???

Please help us by reading carefully the full text of the answers you are receiving,

As I said, the “unavailable” in your image means that the author of the installed app is unspecified. Nothing else.

LAME has no connection with whether you can record or not.

To fix recording what is playing on your computer, you need to click this link in blue:

You may want to go straight to the instructions on that page where it says Windows WASAPI loopback recording . That is the easiest method. Let us know if you have any problem following the steps in that Tutorial.


Ok ,Me again…So I understand I have Lame. I have read everything you have suggested. I’ve sent some photo attachments. still no response.
aud. 2.JPG
aud. 1.JPG

You’ve selected “Microphone (High Definition…” as your recording device. If you want to record from YouTube, you’ll need check the links above and follow the instructions.