LAME setup problem for audacity 2.0.6 debian jessie

According to the 2.0.6 manual (what a search!), you go to edit - preferences and then choose library from the list on the left. Unfortunately, library is not on the list. So I am stuck. No other related option was found for each menu item listed in preferences, nor could I find anything related anywhere else on the main menu. Does anyone have an idea what might be going on here?

It’s ‘normal’ for Audacity on Ubuntu to not have a “libraries” page in the preferences (due to the way that Ubuntu build Audacity). It “may” be the same for some versions of Debian. Try exporting as Mp3. Do you get an error message?

No option to export as MP3. I used the command line to convert the file, but it would have been nice to have the plugin in Audacity.

Where are you looking?
See this page to ensure that you are looking in the right place: Audacity Manual

Hmm… I didn’t find it the first time. I can export as MP3 using the menu, but all things considered, I prefer the command line approach even though it’s a couple of extra steps because you get more detailed statistics.

Thanks for pointing it out to me.