LAME mp3 encoder export permission [SOLVED]

In order to export audacity files as email attachments I have followed the instructions to install LAME mp3 encoder, but when I try to save them as mp3 files I keep getting flag notice ‘You don’t have permission to save in this location’ I’m on windows 7. Help appreciated.

Try saving the work to the desktop where you do have permission, and also try saving filenames with no punctuation.

Hi Koz, On the “You don’t have permission …” flag it also says 'would you like to save it to ; [and names a file which is my name] and is on my desktop. Is that what you mean? Thanks.

Yes. If you are not logged in as an administrator you cannot save files to folders in Program Files, to folders in Windows or to folders in any other locations that affect the functioning of the computer.


Hi Gale, Thanks, so if I move the audacity file to the desktop folder, I will be able to export it as an email attachment from there using the installed LAME mp3 encoder, is that correct? Sorry, but I’m a rather old dog and these are all new tricks.

Gale / Koz. No need to trouble you further, I exported to desktop as mp3 and it is ok to attach it from there. Thanks for your help. Don.