Lame.exe and Patent

Hello , if a person which is individual have a app which can encode with lame.exe (lame.exe is free and open source) , and do not include lame.exe in his app and let the end-user to download it separately , Need Patent from to sell his app ?, what can he do to do not need patent , i remember that his app is not free or open source .

very thanks.

The whole thing is open to a lot of interpretation, and depends if the software and the user are in a country that respects patent law. If your application is distributed in USA, able to export MP3 but does not include a LAME binary, and the application is free, you’re like Audacity and you are probably largely safe. If you charge for your app. you’re a bit less safe, because you are more worthwhile for the patent holders to chase you. See:


If your application is distributed in USA

ok , but i am in a country which patent is not enforceable , but i want to sell my app in or , and my software is not free , it is shareware .please help me.

This isn’t a forum for legal queries, and if it was you would probably get different answers from different people. If you want to be safe, sell it only from a web site registered in your own country. Then only your users have to worry about breaking the law if they are in a country that respects software patents.