Anyone know how to fix the error lame_enc.dll , cant believe an audio software that cant use mp3 files lol ,is there any solution than using other software??? is this intended for a no mp3 ???

Instructions for installing Lame for Audacity:

thanks steve that page looks not trust for me lol , looks more like a virus page also they have a lot for mac os x and for windows a exe file , but really looks little strange , i think will skip the use of this software , looks like they dont have any support for this software error , so better use other softwares , just wanted to check in this forums , if theres a normal solution and not this third party pages they looks not very trust for me , thanks and bye

delete this post lol , will use other programs , this one doesnt allows mp3 lol , bye

Audacity has previously not been able to include an MP3 encoder due to US patent restrictions. Those patents have now expired, so the next version of Audacity is able to include Lame as standard, without needing to download anything from third party sites.