lame_enc.dll doesent fit ?!

Hello. im not sure is this right forum, but anyway…

Audacity just doesent find / cant open that lib.

i have several copy of lame. so it inst corrupt.
i try it 1_2_6 and ner 1_3 beta, with xp sp3 and tinyxp rev09.

im get allway work that without problem, but not now.

im weeeerrry confused.


audacity :slight_smile: its Nice :slight_smile: thanks for community.

Use Audacity 1.3.12 and then try these instructions:

no, that doesent solve my prob.

re install 1_3 and redo.

No hope, im werry frustrated. Oh my… again some small thing hangups my life.

That’s not in the instruction and will not resolve the problem. :confused:

redo == instructions with fresh install

machine may have some exotic parts, can that mean anything? yes/no its perfect answer to me.


Your hardware should not make any difference.

I presume that you are currently trying to get this going on the genuine Windows XP SP3? It would not surprise me if it does not work on tinyxp.

So that I’ve got a clear picture - you have Windows XP SP3 with Audacity 1.3.12 installed?
How many versions of Lame are currently installed on this computer?