Lame download

I am on Windows 10, trying to convert a file to MP3 for iTunes. In trying to download LAME I get the message: ‘Cannot open MP3 encoding library’. What can I do?

Did you follow the download link and follow the instructions on [u]this page[/u]? If you run the EXE file, LAME should get installed to the right location and you should be ready to go…

I am on Windows 10, trying to convert a file to MP3 for iTunes.

If iTunes can read (or play) the existing file it can convert it to MP3 (or AAC). But, I don’t know exactly how to do it because only use iTunes to “sync” my iPod with my files that are already MP3.

Or, if all you want to do is convert a file (if you don’t need to record or edit) try [u]TAudioConverter[/u]. Once you’ve got the output format & location set up, it’s just drag, drop, and click. And, you can drag-in multiple files and convert them all at once.

See Format conversion in iTunes.


Step 6 of those instructions in the released Manual were made ourt of date by a change Apple made in iTunes versions released this year. You can no longer right-click on a file to access the conversion utility, you ned to use the iTunes menus instead.

For the upcoming 2.1.3 Manual I have changed step 6 to say:

  1. Select the file to be converted, then use File > Convert and choose “Create MP3 Version”, “Create AAC Version” or “Create Apple Lossless Version” as appropriate.


And it looks as if you can convert only to mp3…

Damned Apple!

Can you not still change the conversion format in Preferences?


Of course you can I export as WAV all the time and use iTunes to convert to AAC

Edit > Preferences > Import Settings

The really annoying thing about iTunes though is that it is the same setting for import as it is for conversion.
I’m sure that’s fine for many folk but it really doesn’t help my workflow as I find myself constantly swapping.