LAME dmg installer does not work - use ZIP

The LAME install package on does not work for me on MBP (early 2015) running OSX 10.3.3.

The install completes successfully, but libmp3lame.dylib is not created in /usr/local/lib/audacity.

The folder /usr/local/lib/audacity is not created and the dylib cannot be found anywhere under /usr/local/ or anywhere else on my MBP.

It took some Googling to discover the needed dylib file was simply in the ZIP download on the same page.

LAME on OSX ZIP version:

I used that installer to install LAME on my MacBook Air running macOS 10.13.3. It installed in /Library/Application Support/audacity/libs, and Audacity successfully (automatically) found it there.
– Bill