Lag from keyboard(music) to monitor/playback

I’m having a problem with lag between the time I hit a note on my Yamaha keyboard and the time I hear the sound. I just don’t know what to do. an someone help me?

If you’re going to get it to work at all, you should mess with Audacity Preferences, Hardware Playthrough and Software Playthrough. Software playthrough is usualty slower.

You didn’t say you were on Audacity 1.2, but if you are, you should also install 1.3. You can have both on your machine as long as you only use one at a time. Audacity 1.3 projects will not open up in 1.2.

Audacity 1.3 has a “Latency” adjustment to try and take care of the delay issues.

You are listening to one computer’s worth of delay. The only other way out is to get a faster machine.



I think this wouldn’t be an issue if Audacity would support for ASIO (AFAIK, it does not). BTW, why not? … it’s shouldn’t be hard to implement.


ASIO can be implemented in Audacity, but unfortunately ASIO is owned by Steinberg and can not be legally distributed with Audacity. If you want ASIO in Audacity you must download the ASIO SDK from Steinberg (after accepting their licensing terms) then build Audacity from the source code to include ASIO support.

Apart from on very old slow machines latency should not be a problem. Check that you do not have “software playthrough” enabled. That is the usual cause of latency problems.