:question: The previous version of Audacity I used was compatible with the LADSPA plug in and, while admitting some of the effects on the drop down list were better than others and recognising that some of them were just down right pants, I’m missing the option of accessing them now that I’m using the new and latest version of the Audacity program.

If there was some future plan to create and introduce more downloadable effects for Audacity then I think it would be a welcome improvement to an already splendid program.

I know Audacity is free for us to use but if there was a helping of worthwhile additional effects available that might bring benefit and offer optional enhancement to my recordings then I wouldn’t mind spending some money to access a download. :slight_smile:


LADSPA plug-ins are still supported by Audacity.
Check that you have LADSPA effects enabled in “Edit menu > Preferences >Effects”.
if you have LADSPA effects enabled but still have the same problem, check that the path to LADSPA plug-ins is defined.

On Windows, many VST effects are supported (though not VSTi and not any MIDI features or real-time features).

There are also a large number of Nyquist Plug-ins available:
There are also many more plug-ins in the New Nyquist Plug-ins section of this forum, though these may be incomplete, not yet documented, or not fully tested, so please read the topic before downloading any of these plug-ins.

For more information about plug-in support: