LADSPA plugin installation

I watched a video on mastering in Audacity and it made use use of a number of applications located in Effects, nine of which I have. My problem is that the instructions to download these LADSPA plugins are as clear as mud. I’ve read and reread the instructions from the manual, viewed every video on the subject I can find and there’s just too much assumption that I know things that I don’t. Go here, go there, and it’s all the same cryptic jargon that requires some previous knowledge. It seems to me that it should be fairly simple: 1. Do this 2. Then do this 3. Then do this and you’re done.

I’m not an advanced Audacity user, so perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated, thanks.
LADSPA.pdf (149 KB)

go to Effect then Add/Remove Plug-ins… then Select All then Enable then Ok. try it.

That did it, thanks rayan.