LADSPA Granular Scatter Processor (1096/grain_scatter) on Windows

On Arch Linux, years ago, I remember the Granular Scatter Processor effect “just being there” in Audacity. It is fantastic for experimental sound design.

I would like to be able to use it on Windows.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no DLL in the [v2.3.0] Audacity LADSPA plugins for Windows - Installer

Audacity’s download website states: LADSPA is superseded by LV2. These plug-ins are mostly built for Linux, but some old LADSPA plug-ins are available via the Legacy Windows and Legacy Mac sections.

Perhaps an expert knows where to find the source and how to compile it for Windows, perhaps even in a way a lifelong beginner with little affinity to setting up build environments could manage to figure out?

I think the “Granular Scatter Processor” is part of the “Computer Music Toolkit” set of LADSPA plug-ins. As far as I’m aware this set of plug-ins is only available for Linux or as source code.

The old (ancient) set of LADSPA plug-ins for Windows was the SWH plug-in. These are available here:
(scroll down to “LADSPA plug-ins for Windows”. Please note that these plug-ins are now considered obsolete and are no longer supported - install at your own risk :wink:

Thanks for the pointers.

I tried building the LADSPA for windows plug-ins from audacity-fullsrc-2.0.0 (oldest src release I could find - it has the folder mentioned in the dll distro readme) using Visual Studio Community 2019 to see if I perhaps could smuggle the CMT grain.cpp in there but so far I can’t even compile the ported stuff: (looks like I can’t use img tags, probably auto antispam measure)