lack of coherence across multiple recording files

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First of all, deeply thank you so much for your kind interest in my question. Hope you all safe and well in this pandemic

I am developing fairy tale animation for kids . But there is a serious problem now

For example , in my fairy tale story, there are 5 characters . And I asked 5 voice actors to record each 1 character(for example, Mr James recorded the prince role while Ms Jenny recorded the princess role etc)

So, I received 5 recording files from 5 voice actors . And I integrated into single track(audio mixing)

But the problem is , when I listen this integrated single track , the voice characteristic(I’m sorry that my English is short. I’m not sure how to bring out the proper terminology…) are different each other . So the recording lacks the coherence

Could you kindly help me how to solve this problem ?

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The meaning of ‘coherence’ can be replaced by ‘unification’ . Hope you understand my problem ;(
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This will probably be impossible to fix completely.

You may be able to make some improvement by using the “Graphic EQ” effect on each track to adjust the bass / treble of each voice.

Not to me - I would think you would want the voices to be distinct for clarity - but I’ve never done this kind of thing. Do you want to post a short sample ?

Dear Mr Jademan . Deeply thank you so much for your kind help.
I hereby attached 2 mp3 file
example - audacity forum : After the man narration , there is woman conversation . The recording characteristic(mood?) is different so feel weird
example2 - audacity forum : Same woman recorded but there is some difference in sound characteristic(mood?)

I think I have to adjust every each lines individually by GRAPHIC EQ as Mr Steve said. But the problem is , I don’t have any idea on how much bass and treble should I adjust for each tracks individually . It seems quite challenging ;(

Again thanks for reading !

Personally, I don’t see any problem with example2 - others may have comments to offer.

In example, the second voice appears to be damaged - but disappears when I run Effect > Normalize.

For me personally, I don’t see the “coherence” issue you are referring to. There are others on this forum with much better ears - particularly with audiobooks, who I hope will comment

The magic phrase is “EQ matching”.

Oh , thank you so much for your kind answer . From my google research, this function is not available in Audacity , right ?

Audcaity does not come with automatic EQ matching ability.
Some EQ matching plugin$ may work in Audacity, (only some though, so try a demo version before you buy).

Steve did make a (free) plugin for Audacity called SpectrumToEqCurve.ny which can be used to make EQs match.
Now the bad news: I don’t think it is compatible with the latest version of Audacity, (you’d have to use an old version of Audcaity to take advantage of it), and it’s not simple to use.

Thank you so much for your kind answer again :slight_smile: