labels time frame export -accessibility feature for CC


I am an instructional designer. I used audacity, amongst other things, for editing podcasts about misc. practices in my industry. I do CC (closed captioning) to make those podcast more accessible to the hearing impaired.

I use labels for verbatims and syncing. However, when i export the marker tracks, i realize the time notation is universal
(ex : 57.079053- 64.298292 ; 65.186267- 71.908240 ; 71.943759- 79.109720). It does not comply with CC syncing standards - that i know of.

I thought it would be especially nice to have the option to export labels with a format compatible to Webvtt etc… (00:00:00:00)

What’s your thought in that idea?

(sorry for my english, i’m french :slight_smile:)

The numbers in exported labels indicate the time position in seconds. You could use a spreadsheet program to convert them into other formats.


thanks for the answer. I’ve been looking at this possibility however, i’m not quite sure how to do this, since excel converts time to hh:mm:ss, i can add hh:mm:ss,000 to go down to milliseconds and well i get freak results (and i have replaced the dot with a comma).

Have you (or anyone) any pointers as to how i can accomplish this easily? I’ve tried several methods, to no avail. :frowning:


This document seems to suggest that the standard Webvtt format is “00:00:00.000” rather than “00:00:00:00”.

Was that a typo on your part, or is there another standard?

Hi ^probably a typo from my part, sorry. yes, its milliseconds (3 digits)

Thank you for noticing :smiley:

I’m not an expert with spreadsheets, but the conversions that need to be done are:

hours: integer division by 3600
minutes: (integer division by 60) - (hours x 60)
seconds.milliseconds: remainder of seconds divided by 60, rounded to 3 decimal places.


i posted my question an excel forum and an elegant solution was :
[val ref]/(606024)

pretty close to what you are suggesting :smiley:

Thanks a lot!