Labels on an Audacity recording

I have recorded an organ recital and successfully burned it to a CD-R. I want to learn how to add numbers to each piece so that when the CD is played in a CD player I can select a number to bring up the right piece. I presume I must add lables to each piece but will that work on a CD player? I have Audacity 2.0.0 and use a BBC 4038 Mic The recording is fabulous!
Would appreciate some help!
Mike Crouch
Johannesburg South Africa

See these Tutorials:

2.0.0 is old now and the above Tutorials are for 2.1.0. You can get 2.1.0 here:


Thanks Gale!
Firstly my version is 2.1.0 not 2.0.0 my mistake! Secondly I have already studied those tutorials and am none the wiser. Specifically I have added Labels to the 11 pieces in my organ recital. Each label contains the title of that piece. Now I need to find out how to use the labels to find specific pieces. Somewhere it says use the Tab key but I’m not sure how.
Thirdly if a CD has labels will a CD player recognise the Label track and find the pieces by name or must they be numbered 1,2,3,4…etc?

CDs don’t have labels.

Audacity has labels, and you can use the labels to split the track into multiple files - one file for each CD track.
That’s what this tutorial is abut: Audacity Manual

When you have exported all of the separate files (one per CD track), you would then use your CD burning software to make the CD. Each file that you add to the CD compilation will be a separate CD track. That’s what this tutorial is about: Audacity Manual

By actually following the tutorial in Splitting the recording I added 12 Labels with titles of the pieces then used Export Multiple etc and twelve tracks appeared. I then burnt them using Windows Media Player and received a perfect CD. Lo and behold I played the resulting CD on my CD player and was able to select any piece by entering its number!! Success thanks for the help. I think the tutorial should mention the ability to burn a CD with numbered tracks.
Mike Crouch

OK Mike I made a note in the Manual to consider clarifying that.