Labels of silences

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create silence labels from an audio file. I can create sound labels, but I am not able to do it with silences. Is it possible to do it with Audacity?

I assume that you are doing that with “Sound Finder”?

Doesn’t “Silence Finder” do what you want?

Trying to guess what problem you are trying to describe:
Are you wanting region labels rather than point labels?

Yes, I am doing that whith “sound finder” and what I want to do is a region label of silence, not a point of silence. If the silence is 3 seconds the label has to mark the 3 seconds. I want to use it to cut the silences but keeping the audio in its original position.
Thanks for your reply

As in “delete” the silences, or do you want to cut them from the track to use elsewhere?

What sort of audio is this? Is it a speech recording? Music?

What’s the objective? Are you just trying to totally silence the “quiet” parts?

I explain the objective: I have two tracks, in one of them there is a speech in English and in the other there is the Spanish translation. I want to cut all the silences of the Spanish track to get independent fragments, so that I can reposition Spanish as much as possible to place it in the silent parts of English to hear the two languages clearly.

  1. Use “Sound Finder” to mark the sounds.
  2. Ensure that the first label starts after time=0
  3. Ensure that the final label ends before the end of the audio track.
  4. Select both the audio track and the label track (if those are the only two tracks in the project, you can just “Ctrl + A” to select all).
  5. “Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Copy”
  6. Add a new audio track (mono or stereo to match the other audio track).
  7. Paste.
  8. (Optional) delete the original audio track by clicking the [X] in the track’s top left corner.

Thanks a lot Steve, it is just what I wanted.