labels not transferring to metadata

I’ve carefully marked breaks in recording, adding track labels at each, but when I choose multiple export and metadata box opens, the track labels do not appear.

Could you post a screen shot of what your project looks like? What you’ve described should work, but it is not clear if you have one or many label tracks, or what your mean by “track labels”.
Scroll to the bottom of this page in the manual. Does your project window look similar to the examples?
– Bill

Mine is set to AIF (Apple) and destination file is Itunes library. Should I be sending as WAV? Perhaps the problem is with the labeling. Following the instructions, I insert a marker at the start of each track, typing in the track name for each. But I don’t understand the purpose of the numbered tags below the track. They are mostly bunched up at the very beginning. Am I to do something with them? I don’t see them mentioned in the instructions.

The “bunched up tags” are dropout warnings. Delete that label track and try again.

AIF is fine for use on Mac and it preserves metadata info.

– Bill

Thanks Bill. That worked great. Just labeled tracks for an LP and sent to Itunes but I may have accidentally stopped process when I open Itunes to look for it. Perhaps I didn’t give it enough time. There is a comment at the bottom of the page “stopped”. Can I re-start without having to do over?

The “stopped” message is in the status bar. It merely indicates that the “transport” is stopped.

Try it again without switching out of Audacity. You should get a confirmation dialog showing which files were exported (scroll down on that manual page to see the “Export Results” dialog).

– Bill