Labels not coming back?

Two PC’s - Windows 7 and Windows 10. Audacity version: 3.0.5

So, I am recording a mono track. I inserted a few labels. I want to export the track as a WAV (or MP3) but would also like the label track to go with it. I have tried a few things as per the manual and this forum, but when I open the WAV or MP3, I get the audio but without the labels.
I am sure there is a simple solution and I am just too dizzy to find it!

Hmm… After reading many more forum entries, I have come to the conclusion that there is no way to export both, audio file AND labels, in one move.
If anyone thinks that it CAN be done, please, share your solution…

Audacity’s “Labels” are specific to Audacity.
When you save an “Audacity Project”, the labels are saved along with the audio.
When you “Export” as an audio file, the labels are not included in the exported file because audio files don’t support Audacity Labels.

As you may have discovered, you can export labels separately (as a .TXT file): Label Tracks - Audacity Manual