Labels guidance

As a new Audacity user, I’ve just discovered the Labels function (select an segment and execute a Command-B). Is there a tutorial available?

Labels, obviously, are a way to “grease mark” a section of the tape with a label. However I’m finding adjusting the area indicated troublesome. There are two icons marking each end of the marked area, an arrow symbol and a circle. The actions of these icons are unpredictable. Sometimes the whole labelled area moves as a unit, other times just one end. Obviously there’s a context I’m misunderstanding.

Guidance appreciated.

There are “point labels” that mark a single point, and “region labels” that mark a region. There is no big difference between the two - a “point label” is really just a region label where the start and end points coincide.

If you click precisely on the arrow (not the circle) and drag, then it will move just that one end of a region label.
If you click on the circle and drag, then it will move the entire label (both ends together.

To move a point label without expanding it into a “region” label, click carefully on the circle before dragging.

There’s quite a lot that can be done with labels, hence quite a lot in the manual about them:

The biggest difference is that is relatively easy to turn a point label into a region label - but darned near impossible to turn a range label back in to a point label.

This is something you can do inadvertently if you are not careful and this can then screw up you Export Multiple - don’t ask me how I know :blush: :sunglasses:


That’s not my experience thus far. Click on the arrow and sometimes dragging moves the whole thing as a unit. And sometimes drags just the end. Likewise clicking on the circle has the same effect, sometimes just the end, sometimes the unit. Will check out the links to the manual you provided. Thanks.