Labels and Selecting

Encountered a problem and I am not yet sure it is real (likely to be real) or phantom (something I am doing or overlooking, unlikely).

I opened a Project which has one Audio Track and Associated Label Track. (Set1)

I selected both the tracks and duplicated them. (Set2)

I now selected Set2 (both the audio and label tracks) and did a Change Tempo (10% increase).
Went through fine.
The changes were reflected on the Labels as well. Very nice.

(I thought I was all set for selecting Slices out of these tracks using Labels).


When I click on any label to make a Selection - NOTHING HAPPENS - no selection on the Audio Track(s).

I do not know what is happening.
I never had problem working on projects which had more than one Audio and allied Label tracks.
But I know the Label names there were distinct and there were no duplicates.
In the current situation, Labels in Set1 and Set2 have same names.

Thanks in Advance.


I am on Audacity 3.1.3

A bit more to my note.

I added a new distinct Label on Set2.
May be the duplicate labels were causing the problem.

Same behavior for the new Label as well.
Cannot select audio for that label.


In Audacity 3.1.3, to select the time region marked with a region label, click on the horizontal bar in the label rather than clicking in the label text region.

Thanks a lot Steve. That was really a timely help.

br Sri.