Labelling Tracks.

Read bits of this What does WAV Stand for?


Sorry save going this way would it be easier to say for example Now go to File Export files and so and so Sorry the way you say seems long winded.How do I download WAV files?


If you have a recording of just one song in Audacity, then you can export it from:
File menu > Export > Audio
Select “WAV” as the audio file format.

More details here:
Try that, Does it work? Can you play that file in your normal media player?

If that works OK, then the next step is how to deal with multiple songs in one Audacity track.
In this case you need to put labels at the start of each song.
See here for how to add labels:

When you have labelled each song, use “File > Export Multiple” to export each song as a separate WAV file.
More details about “Export Multiple” :

The whole process of splitting a recording into tracks is described here:

You should now have a bunch of WAV files that will each play in your standard media player.
Did that work? Do they play?

Not that it really matters, it stands for “Waveform Audio File Format”.
The full name if “Microsoft PCM WAV”, which stands for “Microsoft, pulse code modulation waveform audio file format”, but we normally just call them “WAV” files. :wink:

How do I download WAV then?


You don’t “download” WAV.
You record in audacity and the “Export” the recording as a “WAV” file.

Ok Thanks Now do I record and Save to Export Wav how do I Put the Name of the Song And the Artist onto the Recording there would be 20 or so song where do I type the songs one by one?


In the labels, then set “Export Multiple” to use the labels for the file names.

Ok Thanks Then I label all my tracks Manually then export to Itunes or WMP Windows Media Player ready to put onto my CD and MP3 Player? Iam getting there I think.


You “Export” to the computer hard drive - you are creating audio files (WAV files).
The WAV files should play in any media player and any CD burning software should be able to use them.

Ensure that your CD burning software is set to make an “audio CD” and not a “Data CD”.

Then a different one for MP3 Files so its File I click on first?


Can you please take me through the Process step by step would it be click on file Then save as export files then download to the WAv files then I screen should come up and I type in the first song and artist the second and so on and save it to Itunes or WMP,Windows Media Player?


Don’t worry about MP3s yet,
Have you been able to export a single WAV file?
Are you able to play the WAV file in your usual media player?
Were you able to add labels?

I can’t see what you are doing, so I don’t know whether you are being successful.

I went File Export file and Save to WAV Got that far Could not see the track did not know then what to do were to save it to I did not use Metodata.


Click “File” menu
Select “Export…”
Select the folder where you want to export to.
Enter a file name (do not use dots, slashes or other “special” characters in the file name0.
Ensure that the file type is set to “WAV (Microsoft) signed 17 bit PCM”.
Click the “OK” button.
If the “Edit Metadata” window opens, click the “OK” button (NOT the “Cancel” button).

Unless an error message is shown, your file has been exported to the location that you specified, with the file name that you specified.

  1. Did that work?
  2. Can you find the exported file?
  3. If you double click on the exported file it should play in your default media player - does that work?

Exported it to WAV Could not find the file to open it.


Which folder did you select when you were exporting?
Try selecting your Desktop as the export folder.

I forgot If I save it to Desktop were do I physically Type the Name of the song and The Artist name then send it to Itunes and WMP,Windows Media player?


Sorry forgot which folder I sent it to.


Don’t worry about the Artist name and stuff just yet. If you can’t find the file that you export then it does not matter if it has the artist name or not. Let’s do one thing at a time. First off, you need to be able to export a playable WAV file and find it after it has been exported.