Labelling tracks on a live album (cassette to computer)

I am transferring(recording using Audacity) my cassettes onto my computer. I have followed the instructions and labelled every track and then used “export multiple…” to transfer recordings onto my computer. Great. I now have a few live albums (cassettes) that I want to do the same with. If I use the same method then, on playback, the tracks will have a few seconds “gap” between them. I can just not label each track and label the album and record onto my computer which will playback continuously, as live, but the individual tracks will not be labelled. How do I combine the two to get a live album with each track labelled? Thanks

A “standard” audio CD has a 2 second gap between tracks. This is usually the default for CD burning software. If your CD burner (optical drive) supports DAO (Disk At Once) mode, then most CD burning programs will allow you to select “gapless” tracks (the gap between tracks is set to zero). Check the instructions for your CD burning software for how to do that.

So I would do the same as normal, ie label each track and “export multiple…” and then when I burn from computer to CD make sure that the Cd Burning software has the option to have gapless tracks. What about just playing on my computer? Should I record the whole album as one track?

The disadvantage of doing that is that you lose the ability to skip from one track to the next.
With separate files (one per track) you should be able to set up a “play list” for your media player to play each of the tracks in order.