labeled tracks showing up as one long playlist in itunes

Greetings ,
I am using the Audacity 2.1.1 , Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and iTunes 11.4

First recording I imported a track from cassette to Audacity on my mac mini , can’t control input volume, but the recording input level meter is just right at -6dbs so went ahead , I have a small mixer if needed for other source signals, but this one worked fine.
I marked the time for each song and labeled the track in Audacity so all songs show up progressively below the recording field in the top pane, and then moved the cursor to the first labeled track .
Then I click Select All and export to iTunes , the titled recorded file only shows in iTunes when I find it in recent places on my mac and then can view and create a playlist for it in iTunes, which I did .
But… the file shows up as one single long one, no separate labeled tracks , When I click Export Multiple Files I get a message from Audacity saying, not possible because I have only one unmuted track selected.
When I click Select All after placing the selection cursor in the first labeled track it appears it and all subsequent track files are highlighted darker and 'selected"
Any ideas what I am or am not doing to get the recording to appear in iTunes as separate marked tracks ( songs )

okay , I select the recording files one track from the cassette at a time and export to mac desktop , drag each individual song file to iTunes and I can create a playlist, then burn it to disc or play it.
Got to be a way to export all after marking tracks and labeling though

Have you looked at this tutorial in the manual?
– Bill

Bill , reading the FAQ and tips in the manual was the first thing I did , I then printed out the pertinent split tracks pages and followed the steps while checking the process .
I think the issue is something to do with selecting by marking the cursor point and select all , but not sure where I’m including the recording file itself at top pane. I set the cursor at the first track that I labeled and File>Select> All
I’ll play with it some more today

You can only export multiple by tracks OR labels. So if you have tracks stacked one on top of the other, delete the label track and name the songs in the Audio Track Dropdown Menu and not in labels.


Thanks for the clarification Gale
I was going by the 'Splitting a recording into multiple tracks" tutorial in the Audacity manual and following those steps
The tutorial does say at the top that the following steps are One Method
I’ll try folowing the link you added re: tracks

I have now tried to explain in that tutorial what to do if you already have multiple Audacity tracks. Any changes we make will be in the Manual for the next release.

To make it easier to follow that tutorial, press the blue Pause button when you change the tape and press Pause again to restart recording on the same track.