Labeled audio - Split

So I use Audacity to record my voice for my commentaries on my youtube videos. All I do is press record and stop to end it when I’m done, then I use noise removal to remove the background static/hum from my mic. I use ALT + I (capital i) to start recording with Mirillis Action!, my game recording program. I recently changed it to that because I had some issues with my previous hotkey so i decided to change it to that thinking it couldn’t possibly be a bind for anything in my games or on windows. Well in Audacity it is and it’s for this Labeled Audio - Split, not sure what it technically does, I searched it up after finding the bind in the preferences and wnated to make sure it didn’t really alter my audio. As far as I can tell it lowered the volume, by a lot, so all I’ve done so far is amplify the audio and remove the static and it sounds just like normal.

Could anything have happened to my audio that I would have to trash it for or is it fine since I amplified it and removed the static? The reason is is because I just got finished recording a good 45 minutes of a game and don’t want to have to redo it as I’ve had to in the past for other reasons. Will my audio be fine?

Assuming you did not change Audacity’s default shortcuts, ALT + I (for “eye”) won’t do anything unless you have selected over a label in a Label Track. The command puts a vertical “Split line” in the waveform at the label positions, which makes the audio into separate clips.


I figred out the problem. It’s not audacity. In Mirillis action there is an option to record your mic, and it’s disabled, but it also has a volume slider and apparently it was on 0 which changed my mic volume in WINDOWS sound… Well, I fixed it and didn’t even realize what I had done to cause the problem in the first place.