Label Tracks?

Would it be possible to add the ability to label tracks so I can tell what each one is w/o having to play them first?


  1. You can name each track as shown here.
  2. You can have the track name appear in the track itself as an overlay.
    – Bill

In Audacity 3.0.4, (and many prior versions) you can click on the track dropdown menu on the Track Control Panel and Vertical Scale which will allow you to rename the track.

If the track name is too short for the available space, you can select “Show audio track name as overlay” in Edit > Preferences > Tracks.

Thanks. I didn’t realize I was using a much older version (2.4.2) w/o the feature.

It should work in 2.4.2.

It does. Both of the features I referenced are available in version 2.4.2.
– Bill