Label track issue - unable to type anything into it [SOLVED]

I’m doing my first production on my new PC with Windows 10 - and have just discovered that I can’t type anything into the label track.

This is bad as I use label track extensively in editing.

Is this a known compatibility issue with Windows 10 issue ?

I’d be grateful for advice as I’m in a middle of production working to a deadline and unusable labels track will significantly slow me down.


***** UPDATE******

Please disregard - all is good.

The option of “Type to create a label” was somehow turned off.

I have turned it on - and it works fine.

Phew… :unamused:

Thanks for the update.
For the benefit of others that may have the same problem, the setting is "Type to create a label: "
(Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Manual)

Shouldn’t it be possible to type in the label without having to enable the “Type to create a label” setting?

I want to do this: create a label (by clicking EditLabelsAdd Label at Selection or by pressing ctl-b), and then type the label. Why does this not seem to work for me? It doesn’t seem to work for me even with the setting “Type to create a label” enabled.

This did work for me, however: “Use dialog for the name of a new label”.