Label Track Format

Is there a possibility for a label track to have its label line and its labels showing up vertically lower than the current default ?

I notice that the label track name area is exactly in front and over this line and labels, and whenever the label track name is a bit long, part of the label line is unreadable and I have to shift the track rightward to be able to see the labels contents… It would be perfect if this label line were just 1cm lower, and would not disturb the track default height either.

There is no adjustment.

Please post a screenshot to illustrate the problem.

Here attached is an example.

Oh I see, you mean the “track name overlay”.
I think your best option is to turn that off in Preferences:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Tracks > Show track name as overlay”

I see. Thanks for the cue.
May I suggest some future change ? Since, then, I cannot distinguish easily between various similar label tracks… Would it be a big change to get this label line 1cm lower in the next release ?

The problem seems to be that you have an extremely long name for that label track. I doubt that many users have label track names that are more than a dozen or so characters, which is then not a problem. As a matter of interest, why do you need such a long name for the label track?

The downside of placing the name overlay lower, is that users then need to make the label tracks taller to be able to see the name, and that’s a problem when working with a lot of tracks. Saving vertical track space is important for a lot of users.

Would it be possible to have the label track name overlay be more transparent until you hover over it?

I often need rather long label track names, at least temporarily, because working on various versions of the same music, where I need to mention the nuances in the temporary label track names.
Also, when I suggested one centimeter label line lowering, I was taking the audacity default height into account. It would not change, so users would not need to change their habits with the track height when using defaults. That’s why I suggested to include this 1cm lowering in future release.
The idea of name visual transparency woul also be a nice turnaround.

By the way, the label track name overlay with transparency seems to have been part of the overlay option in some earlier release, but does not seem to be there anymore in the current 2.3.4 and 2.3.3 releases. Is there another way to set it so ?

I think that is a bug in the current version of Audacity that slipped in with Audacity 2.4.0. I’ll log this on the Audacity bug tracker.


This has been fixed for the next Audacity release.

Thanks, Steve. Also, current version I use was not 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 as I mentionned, but 2.4.2 actually.

If this transparency slipped bug were to be corrected, do you think the transparency degree could be pushed to complete or strong overlay background transparency instead of only slight ? It would help better look through the overlay.

I don’t know if it is adjustable, but I expect that if it were made more transparent that we would receive requests to make it more opaque so that it can be read more easily. I still think the best solution for you, given that you want to use hugely long track names, is to turn off the overlay during the normal editing stage of your work.

I see. Thanks anyway. Well, if by any chance the overlay opacity can become adjustable (e.g. a parameter in the track parameters area) I’d vote for it !! :smiley:

Noted :smiley:

Just another question about this overlay option. Is there a way to toggle it on/off via some Macro, or some Nyquist code ?

Vote #2 for the adjust-ability of the opacity. But I also like the hover option where the opacity will increase when you hover over it. Or maybe a hover over the drop-down menu in the Track Control Panel that shows the full name of the track.


I second that! :smiley: