label text

Hi all, just joined and this is my first dumb question…please help my brain chaps…
I’m using windows 7 and 2.1.1
i’m putting vinyl into audacity then exporting multiple labels to MP3… getting frustrated
typing text into each label e.g. for the album name , have checked everywhere
except the correct place but cant find how to copy/paste text into the label details.
admit i sometimes cant see the wood for the trees but this driving me nuts.
have tried text in notepad/etc but no go.
is there a way please ??

If you copy some text from a normal text file (for example, from NotePad), you can paste that into a label with the standard Windows shortcut:
“Ctrl + V”

OK Steve - i tried and failed at this(ctrl-C and V ) - so - tried again and it works fine
dont know what i did wrong but Mea Culpa - Duh! - Thanks(for your time).
pls close this post

For completeness: In the current version of Audacity (2.3.1), you can also right-click on a label, and select “Paste”.