Label problem

I am producing a read along eBook with the words highlighted. The start and stop times need to be very accurate. I edited a couple of the pages with waves where I tagged the words. In one page the start an stop times were carried out to 6 places. 22.031891 which I wanted. after I edited the wave, the words after the edit were carried out 6 places but the the last three places were 0’s. 22, 031000. both in the start times and the end times. How do I fix this?



I can’t quite follow what exactly you are doing, but perhaps the following information will help.

Labels are positioned by times in seconds, accurate to six decimal places.

Audio edits are accurate to “one sample period”. The smallest time unit for audio is one sample period.
If you zoom in very close on the waveform, you will see that the waveform is represented by dots. Each dot is a “sample value” and they are evenly spaced along the timeline according to the sample rate. The default sample rate is 44100 samples per second. Thus the smallest time unit (default sample rate) is 1/44100 = 0.000022676 seconds and all durations for edits are exact multiples of 0.000022676 seconds.

If “Snap To” is enabled, then audio selections (hence edit points) are rounded according to the time format (see: