Label / Marker Feature Severely Limit?

Hi there guys,

Moved from Audition to Audacity lately for some light podcast editing and have been loving it so far! One thing I find a little frustrating is how labels seem to work and the “label track”.

For use cases when you need to mark certain things happening in a clip and then you actually move that clip around, the labels just stay there making them only useful if everything stays as is.

Is there a way to “tie” a label to the clip somehow so when the clip moves around the label would still mark the correct part?

Thanks a bunch!

There are several options. Use whichever is most convenient at the time.

Method 1:
Before dragging an audio clip, select in both the audio and the label track.
Note that you can add / remove tracks to the current selection by holding down the “Ctrl” key and click on the “Select” button on the left hand end of a track.

Method 2:
Select both the required audio and the labels (see “Method 1”).
“Cut” (Ctrl + X) the audio and labels.
Select both the audio track and label track at the place that you want to paste.
“Paste” (Ctrl + V)

Method 3:
Use “Sync-Lock”.
This is more complex, but can be very convenient for certain tasks. See:

That’s very helpful thank you. I did try that one but it seems like a universal option that “sync-locks” all tracks. Did I get that right? What if I only want to sync-lock one audio track and one label track? Is that possible?

I did not expect a reply this soon. Highly appreciated, thanks!

It sync-locks all of the tracks above the label track.
You can have multiple label tracks to create multiple sync-lock groups:

Note that a selection in one track of a group creates “clock” highlighting in all other tracks in that group:


Can I just add some support for the idea of being able to attach labels/tags to individual clips (in addition to the labels track). Some of the uses I would see for this would be marking sections of a piece of music (e.g. ‘vocal entry’ or ‘middle eight’) or marking up an interview with ‘questions’. If the labels could be attached to clips, then final assembly/editing of podcasts or radio features, where clips are often moved about on the time-line, could be really speeded up.