Label Editor Out to Lunch?

Couple of days ago I noticed the label editor didn’t want to take a “Z”, like our old friend 1.2.6. I figured, crud in the keyboard or something. Then today, very definitely in 2.0 and only one session, one window, one file, and it wouldn’t take “J” upper or lower case. took the rest of the word (Just) but wouldn’t take “J”. I closed the file, re-opened it, no problem, J works.

But I figure if the label editor has gone out to lunch at least twice…there’s something wrong here.

Does this help? :

That’s something to look at, but “may activate”? May? And here I thought computer programs always did the same thing, every time.

It just sometimes forgets, at randoms times for random letters, that it is in the labeller? Or???

Would this mean all single-key keyboard shortcuts have to be disabled then, to prevent more of the same glitches?

Are you using Tracks > Edit Labels to create labels, or CTRL + B then typing?

Many bugs are not repeatable (they are the hard to fix ones). That bug is repeatable if you delete some audio, CTRL + Z to Undo, then CTRL + B and type j or k. But there are other causes too that are not repeatable and we don’t know what they are. So changing the Z, J and K single-key keyboard shortcuts (and [ and ] if you want to type those in labels) will help.

For the repeatable problem, use Edit > Undo (not CTRL + Z) until you get rid of the label then add the label again with CTRL + B. Now you can type all characters. If you always use Edit > Undo to Undo, possibly the bug won’t happen.


This must be a hard to fix one then. When I try those steps the problem does not occur (though I can sometimes produce the issue by speed typing labels into a track that has a lot of labels).

Gale, don’t tell anyone but my security cameras are just dummies, they don’t really record what happens at my computer. I know I typed ^B to create the label and the started typing into it. In this case one digit first to number it, THEN a space and the first letter. Whether I had just previously used ^Z…possible but not probable. If it happens again I will try to take better note of the larger context.

If you tested on Linux, I agree the bug doesn’t reproduce with those steps on Mac or Linux (just tested). I didn’t know that. It reproduces 100% for me on Windows 7. Can you try Windows XP sometime with those steps?

It’s interesting though if you are saying that you can occasionally get the problem with speed typing and/or many labels. I thought that part of it might be Windows only.

If we can get enough evidence that the steps in the quote really are reproducible on different Windows machines (however slow you type and even with one label), maybe we should raise that bug to P2 to try and get a fix made, then see if it does anything for the other possible causes. It probably won’t, in which case we could move those other causes to a new bug.

@hellosailor, “1, space, j” in the label doesn’t create a problem for me, but yes please upload your security cam video somewhere to catch Audacity in the act…