Label disappears after paste - version 2.3.2

I am trying to paste together several files.
I load the first file and move the cursor to the end of the file.
I put a label at the end of the file.
Then I load the 2nd file. That first label is visible.
I repeat these steps with file 2 and file 3.
I put the label “4” at the end of file 3, and paste in file 4.

This time label “4” disappears. Using TAB to move between the labels, there is no label 4.

What happened to it? This is a bug, right?

Btw, can I configure a different keystroke instead of Alt-TAB to move between labels?
That keystroke is used by Windows to show the virtual desktops.

If you want to paste audio only, ensure that only the audio track is selected.
No, it’s not a bug.

Hey Steve, thanks. I’ll be sure to check what track is selected when I paste audio.
If there’s still an issue, I’ll get back to you. Thanks.