la version 1.3.13 ne demarre pas


j’ai un macbook pro 15’ I7 de 2010 avec mac OS 10.6.6.
Je ne parviens pas à faire fonctionner la derniere version d’audacity dessus:
Je précise que j’ai bien respecté la procédure d’installation mais au lancement, il plante systématiquement après un temps d’attente (ou je vois le raccourcis du doc bouger).

Etonnament la version 1.2.5 elle marche.

Y a-t-il une astuce pour pouvoir travailler avec la derniere version d’audacity?

Merci d’avance

Je ne peux pas parler français, mais le problème se pose avec les effets AudioUnits ou VST.

Renommez le fichier attaché “audacity.txt” en “audacity.cfg” et collez-le dans ~/Library/Application Support/audacity (~/Bibliothèque/Application Support/audacity) ?

Puis relancez Audacity.

audacity.txt (86 Bytes)

thx for the answer,

I will try in english.

Where i can find the file “audacity text”?
I tried to find it in all the audacity (the new one 1.3.13) folder but nothing with this name.

I can see:
licence txt
readme txt

inside ich folder i haven t find it.

Any help please?

Thx in advance


You have to rename the attached “audacity.txt” to “audacity.cfg” (we cannot attach files with .cfg extension).

Then open Finder and go to ~/Library/Application Support/audacity. “~” means your Home directory. “Library” and “Application Support” may be translated if you are running Mac in French.

Then paste “audacity.cfg” in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity . There will not be any “audacity.cfg” there if Audacity has never been closed normally. That does not matter - just paste in the new “audacity.cfg” and then launch Audacity.

The new “audacity.cfg” disables Audio Unit and VST effects so this assumes you do not want to run those effects in Audacity. If you want to run VST effects in Audacity you have to find the locations they are loading from so you can find out which plug-in(s) are causing the problem:


You have to rename the attached “audacity.txt” to “audacity.cfg” (we cannot attach files with .cfg extension).

thx but where i can find the “audacity.txt”"?

audacity.txt is attached to my first answer (

Just click the following link to download it:


Ok thaks,

I ve found it ( sorry).
I m trying to start audacity…
Ive done what you have writen.

<But, no it doesn t work too.

Are you sure you put audacity.cfg in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity (or whatever ~/Library/Application Support/ is called in French)? Was Audacity force quit before you added audacity.cfg and launched Audacity?

If there is still a problem, what exactly happens if you wait one minute after launching Audacity? Can you attach a screenshot (picture) of what you see?