Kickstarter campaign for a Yosemite-compatible version?

I would have thought there are a lot of Mac users using Audacity, so not supporting Yosemite is a bad bad thing (Audacity freezes / crashes as soon as I try to export, for example).

I appreciate there’s a lot of work in producing a Yosemite-compatible version of Audacity and of course the developers should get remunerated for their work.

So how about Audacity start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds specifically for a Yosemite-compatible build. Notify all current Mac users of Audacity and you should at least know whether the demand is there or not …

I, for one, would fund that campaign (yes, really :slight_smile:

The next 2.1.0 release of Audacity officially supports Yosemite and fixes the problem that Apple Audio Units can’t be used.

You can subscribe at the bottom of to be e-mailed when 2.1.0 is officially released.

We know there are reports of crashes when opening or saving a second project, but we cannot reproduce those crashes on Yosemite. Exactly what type of Mac do you have? Exactly what drive are you exporting to? What is the file name?

What I suggest is using the latest 2.1.0 debug pre-release from Please write out steps to reproduce each type of crash, then give us a Mac crash report for each type of crash. If you use that debug build, we will get the most useful information in the crash report.

To find the Mac crash reports, open Finder, Go > Go to Folder then type:


We appreciate the Kickstarter suggestion, but if we did that it would probably be more generalised, for example to fund a developer interested in implementing specific features. Meantime, do please feel free to make a donation to Audacity at


Fantastic response - thanks Gale.
I’ll use the 2.1.0 pre release for now & see how I get on with that, and also subscribe to be notified when the full release is out.

In terms of reproducing the issue, I …

  • Connect a photo-to-USB box (made by Pro-Ject) to a USB port
    Record about an hour of vinyl record
    Hit space bar to stop recording
    Remove a few sections at start / end recording
    Cmd-Shift-E to export the audio & bang, Audacity crashes
    Restart Audacity, say ok to ‘recover the last session’
    Cmd-Shift-E again to export and it works ok this time

It’s the same pretty much every recording now - hopefully 2.1.0 will solve this

My Mac is a 2009 13" Mac Pro with a 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM, running Yosemite 10.10.2

All the best


I somewhat doubt it will - the fixes we’ve made have not been for file save/open dialogues where
the crash problems seem to lie.

Has the Audacity version you’re using now always done this on Yosemite? Were you using 2.0.6?

Can you look in Audacity > Preferences…, in the Directories section, and tell us exactly what it says for the temp folder?