Keystroke recorded at beginning of take (append record)

Hey they folks :

Using Audacity 2.0.3 on a Win 8.0 64 bit… recording on a samson c01u USB condenser

I use audacity for recording VOs for my video projects.

I like to use append record to keep the waveform in one track…

however, i noticed that the microphone picks up on the keystroke. Leaving a nice keyboard click sound at the beginning of all my takes.

I tried shortening the keystroke to just “R”, hoping that the issue would be diminished… however it still remains.

Is there a way to add a short delay to the recording beginning? If I can start recording 200ms-500ms after the button press, I likely won’t hear the keyboard.

Or is there another solution I’m missing?

Thanks for the help!

You know how to edit the clicks out in post production, right?

It doesn’t have to be a keyboard shortcut. You can do it with the mouse, too. Transport > Append Record.


If you’re on a laptop, you can use the touchpad and not make any noise at all.