Hello, I am doing YouTube and I want Audacity to be my voice recorder.
However, I want it to play a voice file by pressing a certain key on my keyboard.
Is this possible?

Piano keyboard: No, not without (unknown to me) additional software that may offer that ability.
Computer keyboard: Spacebar to start/stop playback.

Perhaps a more suitable program might be Ableton Live.

Thanks but that is not how i meant
(sorry for not saying what I meant)
I mean I want to press a Keyboard key that will play a recording, not a file.
Sorry that I got mixed up.
Thanks again

I don’t think my posts are posting, but that is not what I meant, I meant that if I pressed a keyboard’s key, would it start recording my voice?
So, for example
If I pressed F8, a recording would start?

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I’m going to read between the lines. You need a special key because you have other sound production software running at the same time on your computer. That’s probably a bad idea because Audacity doesn’t share it’s sound channels very well. It’s the same reason that Audacity doesn’t always like to record Skype. Two programs fighting for the same channels.


I think you want what are called “global shortcuts” in Audacity. Tell Audacity to use F8 as a global shortcut for recording, then you can press F8 when you are in your web browser and Audacity will start recording without you needing to switch to Audacity to start the recording.

If I guessed correctly, Audacity can’t do that yet - it is a feature request.