Keyboard volume at Max but output in Audacity soft

I used the loudest volume on my keyboard when I play. However, when I use Audacity to record and play, it’s not that loud and the bass is barely audible.

When I changed the settings by increasing the db, the louder portions of the song, like the below example, is noisy. Any advice on increasing the overall volume while maintaining the quality of the sound?

Here’s the link:

We need rich connection information like the second segment of this example question:


I have made a video of what I’m experiencing here:

I’m using an Asus Zenbook Prime. It does not have a line in port. So I’m currently using a Sound blaster by Creative. However, even so, when I tried playing a sound at it’s Max Volume, Audacity still records it at a very soft volume.

Another problem I’m encountering is that I cannot seem to obtain a stereo sound when I play. As I play the keyboard, the Left volume soundwave moves according to my key press but the right has no reaction. My piano (yamaha P105) supports stereo so, I can’t seem to figure what is wrong.

Basically, what I am hoping to achieve is the volume and clarity of this video. He has the exact same keyboard and using Audacity as well:

Your recording level looks reasonable considering that you are not playing very loudly. The recording level should never touch the top or bottom of the audio track while you are recording, even if you play as loud as possible. I would guess that if you played a big chord as loud as possible that the recorded waveform will be just a touch over half the track height, which would be ideal. You can use the “Amplify” effect after you have recorded in order to push the recorded signal closer to 0 dB (“0 dB” is full track height and the maximum peak level before distortion).

Do you have the number of recording channels set to “2 (stereo)” in both the Device Toolbar and the Windows Sound Control Panel?

After doing some trial and error, turns out that my cable was faulty. Replaced the cable with another one and everything is working fine.

Problem Solved.