Keyboard Shortcut - for inserting silence

I have many audio files and I have to insert many (over 100) silences into each file.
I can click on the Generate > Silence manually but thats takes too much time.
I was wondering if there is anyway I can assign a keyboard shortcut for this action, that would save lot of time for me.

I already checked preference but could not add it. ( I am running Snow leopard OS)

I would really appreciate your help,

You will shortly be able to do this - version 2.0.1 which is due out shortly contains an enhancement to the keyboard shortcut bindings to enable the user to set up shortcuts for any of the generators, effects or analyze tools.

The test implemention (that I used for testing and documentation purposes) was a Windows only implementation but my understanding is that for the release version this has been extended to Mac and Linux platforms too.