Keyboard shortcut assignment won't stick

Hello all,

I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to “Align end-to-end” command. It disappears right away.

I manually edited the file that contain the shortcuts, and it disappears from there as well.

I made sure that it is not a combination already in use, so this is not an issue.

Other shortcut assignments just worked fine.

How do I resolve this issue?

(Using Audacity 2.1.2 on a windows 10 i7 computer)

Sorry it’s a specific bug that crept into 2.1.2. The bug has already been fixed in our source code, so it will be fixed when 2.1.3 is released, but 2.1.3 release will probably be a few months away yet.

Meantime you could go back to 2.1.1 if you preferred: