keyboard short cut

Mac pro book dmg 10.8 5

the short cut title is " select keft at playback positions "
i set the short cut " Options +] "
i click this short cut , and get " set right selections boundary "
is this a know problem or my system

thanks for your help

See and scroll down to “Select > Left at Playback Position” for what this does.

When Audacity is playing, recording or paused, sets the left boundary of a potential selection by moving the cursor to the current position of the green playback cursor (or red recording cursor).

Otherwise, opens the “Set Left Selection Boundary” dialog for adjusting the time position of the left-hand selection boundary. If there is no selection, moving the time digits backwards creates a selection ending at the former cursor position, and moving the time digits forwards provides a way to move the cursor forwards to an exact point.

So what you are saying, that setting “Select > Left at Playback Position” shows “Set Right Selection Boundary” when the track isn’t playing, should be impossible.