Keyboard can be heard in mix, doesn't record

Hello folks,

I’m attempting to record two channels into Audacity 2.0.3 in Windows 7, one vocal and the other a keyboard. The keyboard is giving me trouble. I’m running an old Lowrey MicroGenie through a single 1/4 plug into a Behringer Xenyx 1202 mix board, then running the mix through RCA cables into a Behringer UCA222 USB interface, into the computer.

Problem: The keyboard shows up in the mix. I can even hear the keyboard when I plug headphones into the jack on the USB interface. But the keyboard does not want to record in Audacity. At all. I’ve fiddled with all the knobs, tried using different channels, reversed the RCA cables, and stumped a guy at Sweetwater. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Sure. You did something that causes the keyboard on left and right to cancel out.

Make a recording with keyboard only. Do you get Audacity blue waves and bouncing red sound meters when you push the keys?

Or you get no blue waves — flatline?

Another thing you can try is the stereo test.
Download and play my stereo test clip.

It’s in four segments. The last segment is intentionally damaged, but all four segments should sound like me. Let us know if any of them vanish and which one.


The most common cause for this is Windows “thinking” your USB device is a mono USB microphone.

…reversed the RCA cables

One channel has the vocals, and the other has the keyboard? What happened when you reversed the connections? Did you get keyboard and loose the vocals? I assume the left & right got reversed in your headphones (with headphones connected to the Behringer)?

Does Audacity show 2-channel stereo like you see on [u]this page[/u]? If not, [u]this page[/u] may help to configure Windows for stereo.

And do post back when you figure out what happened.