Keyboard Bounce and Close Dialog

Windows 10 and Audacity 2.1.0; .exe install.

Hi. I am in the midst of recording .MP3 files from 80+ old Vinyl albums via USB. With so many tracks to record, I have done what I can to shorten the process — shortcut keys and tonearm proficiency. While I am left-handed, both the tonearm and the keyboard favor right-handed people. Simply put, I am clumsy with Close’s “Save Changes?” dialog box. About every 10th track, I tab to the “No” button, hit Return and, unintentionally, get keyboard bounce. I believe that Audacity sees the keystrokes as 2+ Returns, and, ouch, it crashes. Can you please fix the “Save Changes?” response to only respond to the first keystroke, and to ignore all others?

More. When going from MP3-Export to Export, is there an easier way close last-track than Ctrl/W? After selecting Close-No, the whole screen gets drawn twice; it flashes. Can that be fixed?
And, might you label the dialog with “Save Untitled.aup” Project? Because I am exporting hundreds of .MP3 files, such a label would reinforce that this is a Project dialog, and thus unrelated to MP3 Exports.

2.1.0 is old now. I recommend you use 2.1.2 supplied by us: Audacity ® | Download for Windows.

I could not get 2.1.0 to crash on Windows 10 by pressing RETURN twice, nor by holding “No” and pressing RETURN. Nor can I get our development code to crash like that. Please see if you can define the steps by deliberately doing whatever you think creates the problem.

Probably not. Audacity is removing the tracks, deleting the temporary data, then creating a new empty workspace.

If you have sufficient disk space to do it, you could instead press the button top left of the track you have finished with. This accumulates disk space until you close the project, so as to support undoing and redoing the track remove.

Do you need to record and export each track separately? Assuming you prefer to record to separate Audacity tracks, you could wait until you have a full album of tracks then Export Multiple by tracks, which is just one action. Then you only need to File > Close (or Exit) once.

If you pause and unpause recording, everything will be recorded on one track.

The next 2.1.3 version of Audacity when released will say

Save changes to ?
Save project before closing?