Key to making vocals seem more 'full'?

Simple question. I am recording vocals through one mic. The mic records in stereo audio. And, obviously, the audio sounds quite dry. I am just looking for a way to make the vocals sound more full and surrounding without adding more microphones. Is this possible in audacity? Thanks!

Post a voice segment. Do you have it together enough to make an MP3? that takes special Lame additional software in Audacity. Assuming you’re using Audacity 2.1.2.

Select a representative vocal segment and Export MP3 with at least 256 Quality. I would normally go on about a ten second, perfect quality, WAV export, etc, but we’re not analyzing waveforms or technology this time. Just voice. You can’t go over about a 2MB file, which works out to about a minute stereo at 256 quality.

Scroll down from one of these forum text windows > Upload Attachment > Browse.

Do you already perform live for appreciative audiences and want to record the work?


“Chorus” plugin ? , see …
Steve's Multi-voice chorus.png
or “Pseudo-Stereo” …

I’ll have to give that plugin a try.