Key shortcuts

I am using the Dutch language in Audacity 2.1.2. On a Mac (El Capitan)

Exporting a file gives me screen for editing some metadata.
I know that the shortcut to copy something from a field is cmd-C
And pasting it is cmd-V.

Is there something wrong in the Dutch “version” ? Because using this cmd-V does not past but erases the content of a field.
Maybe because “Delete” is in Dutch translated as “Verwijderen” and that wordt starts with a "V ?
So I think (but I can be wrong) that my cmd-V is interpreted as “Verwijderen”.

In this screenshot, the name of the singer (Delia) is noted in the field for Comments (“Opmerkingen”)
If I copy this name (with cmd-C), the copy command works because I can paste this name with succes outside Audacity. In NotePad for example.
But if I try to paste this in the field Artist Name (“Naam artiest”), that fields stays blanc. And if something was already in that field, then his field is erased.

Kind regards.
Scherm 2016-05-15 om 11.54.01.jpg

It’s a bug in Audacity 2.1.2 on Mac (not only in Dutch).

Double-click the cell then right-click or CTRL-click and choose the Copy or Paste item.


Hi Gale,

Thank for your tip.
After a double-click the right-click or CTRL-click gives no reaction.
But … after a double-click the cmd-V works !!

Many tanks,