Key bindings little problem

OS: Puppy Linux (Tahrpup 6.0.5 + lastest updates), built from ubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr packages, 3.14.56 kernel, GNU C library version 2.19 (stable)
Desktop computer: 2x Intel Celeron G1620 @2.7GHz, 4GB RAM
Audacity 2.1.2, installed from launchpad (build Jan 22, 2016), wxWidgets 3.0.2 (as required)

Everything works perfectly (for now) except a little problem with key bindings:
Successfully imported (xml file) key bindings from Audacity 2.1.0, but “Align Tracks” and “Move Selection when Aligning” didn’t work. I couldn’t set them up either. Then decided to add these key bindings manually to the xml file and imported it, but once again → no success.

	<command name="Align:Align &Together" label="Align Together" key=""/>
	<command name="Align:Start to &Zero" label="Start to Zero" key="0"/>

“Align together” works fine here. With all other key bindings at default, I added “Alt+Ctrl+T” for “Align together”.
I’ve also tried setting it to “/” and that works fine too. I’m using the “/” on the main keyboard rather than the “/” on the Num Pad keys.

“Move Selection when Aligning” is a menu, not a command, so it can’t accept a hot key.

“Align Tracks > Start to zero” set to “0” works fine here too.

Attached is my exported xml file. Try resetting your key bindings, then import this file and test those two shortcuts.
Audacity-keys.xml (20.4 KB)

Thanks both, but this should already be fixed That’s why Steve presumably does not see the problem.

So you can compile our development code if you want to use the shortcuts, or wait for 2.1.3, or go back to 2.1.1.


Thank you Gale and Steve.

Here are some other strange things I’ve noticed in Audacity 2.1.2:

  1. Switching between envelope tool and selection tool doesn’t change the cursor until mouse click.
  2. Exporting (selected) audio always gives aiff file extension no matter what audio format has been chosen.
  3. It’s a must to keep the “ctrl+mouse scroll” option when on vertical scale area to zoom/unzoom the waveform at 0.00 s as in older versions. The new option to scale wave at pointer when mouse-scroll over vertical scale area is pointless, I think.

P.S. Downgraded to 2.1.1

That works correctly for me on Ubuntu 14.04 (Unity) in 2.1.2 release and 2.1.3-alpha, changing by Function key or mouse. What desktop environment are you using? GNOME flashback, Xfce or something else?

Is this when choosing “Other uncompressed files”? That’s already noted in the 2.1.2 Release Notes and is already fixed in 2.1.3-alpha. However on Linux it also happens after saving a project or importing a file. That’s not fixed yet.

Note that in both cases that the actual file exported has the correct header - it is only the extension that is incorrect.

Noted, but a developer put that in as a “feature” so it probably won’t be removed while that developer is an active member in the project. Perhaps it could be adjusted so that the mouse pointer and the action did not change until a little to left of the waveform.


Gale, I forgot to mention it happens when changing the tools by keyboard shorcut (F2, F1).
Puppy Linux uses x11, JWM, Rox file manager.

Update: Today I’ve tested Audacity 2.1.2 on Cub Linux (which is Ubuntu derivative) and same problem occurred (when switching with keyboard shortcuts, cursor doesn’t change until I click on track).

What desktop environment does Cub Linux use?

I don’t get the problem under GNOME Flashback either. My Ubuntu 14.04 runs on 32-bit hardware. Are you 64-bit?

I suppose it is most likely a bug in wxWidgets. Audacity recommends wxWidgets 3.0.2. If you look in Help > About Audacity…, Build Information tab, what is the wxWidgets version?


I think Cub Linux fuses tools and utilities from various desktop environments.

Anyway, lets go back to Puppy Linux (32-bit)
Checked in Help > About Audacity… it’s wxWidgets 3.0.2

Here is the way to reproduce the problem:

  1. Import audio
  2. Press F2 to switch to envelope tool (everything is okay, envelope tool cursor appears)
  3. Make some envelope points (everything is okay)
  4. Keep the mouse pointer on audio track and press F1 to switch back to selection tool (envelope tool cursor remains until mouse click or moving mouse pointer over timeline or selection toolbar).

OK thanks. We do already have a bug open for that The same occurs with the envelope pointer in Multi-Tool.