Keeping v2.2.2 when installing v2.3

After reading some comments about problems with chains/macros and maybe other issues in v2.3, and being slow to learn new software effectively, I wonder if it’s possible to keep v2.2.2 (my current version) installed and available on a PC with Win10 after installing v2.3. If it is, what is the procedure to:
– install v2.3 separately from v2.2.2 instead of overwriting/uninstalling v2.2.2;

– have all effects & plug-ins available on both versions.

Other factors to consider? Thanks.

Most of the problems that we are seeing with chains/macros in 2.3.0 are due to people experimenting with the more “advanced” features that are now available in 2.3.0, that were not possible in earlier versions. The basic features that were available in 2.2.2 are still the same in 2.3.0, except that “Chains” is now called “Macros”, and the commands have moved into the new “Tools” menu.
(More info about Macros here: Macros - Audacity Manual)

Yes it is possible to have multiple versions of Audacity at the same time, but if you are “slow to learn new software effectively”, then it would be easier to just upgrade to the latest version, rather than dealing with the complications of having multiple versions.

Note that Audacity 2.3.1 is scheduled for release this weekend. On Windows, this is primarily a bug-fix release, so I’d recommend updating to 2.3.1 as soon as it becomes available.

If you update/overwrite 2.2.2 with a newer version, you can always go back to 2.2.2 if you need to, by re-running the Audacity 2.2.2 installer. Hopefully you won’t need to :wink:

Are aup files created with v2.3 readable and editable in v2.2.2? If only partly, how so other than 2.2.2’s inherent limitations?

How about wav and mp3 files created with v2.3?

Other considerations?

both totally compatible in either direction