Keeping the amplification the same

Hi, I’m new to Audacity.

I work for a museum and wanted to edit a soundtrack for us. I want the amplification to all be the same throughout the song. Is there a quick feature to set the amplification to be all the same?


Yes, but it’s download software. Download and install Chris’s Compressor.

Chris’s software is a look-ahead compressor that changes gain and compression through the course of a show to make the volume come out even.


If your song or show has long periods of very quiet performance like waiting between dances, Chris may not be a good choice. It will eventually start searching for sound and bring up the noise. In that case you might try Effect > Compressor according to these hints and tips.


If the automatic processing (dynamic compression) doesn’t give you the results you want, you can use the [u]Envelope Tool[/u] to “shape” the volume manually.

Is there a quick feature…?

If it’s only one song, and it’s for a museum, it’s probably worth taking the time to get the best results possible. Even with compression, you usually have to experiment with different settings or different compressor plug-ins.