keeping right channel of a stereo file - batch


I’ working with bats. We record their converted ultra-sounds on wav files. The bat detector records a stereo file but I only need the information on the right channel. We are working with thousands of files and we are looking for a batch for doing the split tracks, keep the right channel and export as wav file. Can we do this in Audacity?

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In Audacity 1.3.6 you can do “stereo to mono” in a batch, but that produces a mix of left and right channels.

Thnaks for the quick reply. I tryed that in some files but sometimes other sounds are recorded on the left channel and stereo to mono would mix them. Any ideas?

I thought that would be the case (and the reason for you specifying the “right channel” in your original question.

I think that in Audacity, stereo to mono is as close as there is at present for batch processing.

Perhaps we can think laterally about the question.
Why do you need to batch process thousands of files? Why not keep them as stereo? When you say you are “working” with thousands of files, what are you doing with them, and why do they need to be mono?

Using Nyquist commands (either as a Nyquist plug-in, or from the Nyquist Prompt in the Effects menu) it would be simple to write a script that copies the right channel to the left channel in a single click, which would then enable the “stereo to mono” feature to provide the desired output. Unfortunately Nyquist scripts are not supported by chains, but I have added a post in the “features request” section of the forum for this feature.
If you would like to add your support for this feature request, please post a comment to that effect in that forum topic.